Web & CRM Integration for Not-For-Profit sector

Members of the public, including your Supporters and Members now expect to be able to do business at any time of the day or night. Instead of having to call, email or write, they expect to be able to pay fees, make donations and make changes to the details you hold on them via a web site.

It is not uncommon for NFP and membership organisations to respond to this need by initially capturing this data via their web site. However due to perceived problems of complexity and cost the data captured is often manually exported from online data stores and then imported into a CRM/Membership system.

Thankfully many CRM & Membership Systems now have robust and secure interfaces allowing seamless communications between an organisation’s web site and its core databases, bringing significant benefits to organisations and their supporters.

Web Site & CRM integration whilst significantly improving a site visitor’s experience, also leverages the power of your CRM System to deliver efficiencies via automation, enabling self-service facilities for Purchases, Event Registrations, Donations, Membership Registrations and Renewals, Profile Updates etc.

We have significant experience in helping our customers with the integration of their Web Sites with their back-end CRM Databases, utilising various technologies delivered on both windows and Linux based platforms and development environments and languages including .NET, PHP & Perl.

If you are investigating the need to integrate your web site with your CRM & Membership Systems please call for more information regarding ways in which we can help.

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