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We build many of our web sites using a tried and tested content management ( CMS ) platform.
Many different types of web sites across the world are built on this content management system these range from:

  • small web sites
  • Corporate Web sites
  • Not for profit companies
  • E-commerce
  • Intranets
  • Online publications
  • Educational
  • Blogs

Your CMS web site gives you full control over your content at all times.
You can change text, images, add pages and other users to help in the management.
All from a web connected computer, with no software to install just your web browser.
It very simple.

Is a content management system right for my business?

What is a content management system (CMS). It is database driven site allowing one or many different authors to fully or part control and maintain the content of a web site. The most obvious advantage to using a content management system is that your web site can be managed with virtually no knowledge of how to construct or maintain web pages.

The ability for nominated staff with little or no technical skills to add content to standardised pages that follow the corporate style of your web site, makes a content management system a powerful tool for and organisation looking to take control of its web site.
The level of management is very flexible. You may wish to take full or part control, or leave management to an outside agency.
In our experience we have found that clients often have one or two particular areas where in house management is advantageous.

What content management system to have?

There almost to many options available when you start researching a content management system. It will range from having a bespoke system produced, to open source software. It is down to the individual organisation and its requirements as to what features their ideal system must include.
Content creation and management, workflow management content organisation is standard for all systems but other features will often include.
Printable versions of pages, RSS feeds, News, Blogs, Polls, Search and many more.

Ok I am ready for content management

Building your CMS based web site is technically a very simple. Equally designing the look and implementing the template is also quite straightforward.
But are you ready to take control of the information on your web site?

For example:
How much time can you commit to site management?
Do you have all skills necessary to meet our requirements?
Are you ready to manage our own online content?
Is it cost effective to keep this in house?

Of course the importance of these things are proportionate to the size and complexity of your business. But different business will all have there own issues that must be addressed before a decision to use a content management system is made.

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