What are cookies:

Cookies collect anonymous information about use of our website and do not identify individual visitors. Cookies are files stored on your computer, tablet or smartphone that help remember information about your visit. They can help us display information on websites relevant to the visitor. Almost all websites use cookies and the information helps develop content to improve the website.

Why we use cookies:

Cookies are essential to be able to provide you with some service. An example of this would be a cookie used to enable you to log into your account.

Analytics cookies help sites understand how visitors navigate the website. Knowing this allow sites to deliver any important or relevant information more efficiently. We do not use Analytics.

An example would be to see how easily a particular feature of our website is found. This can be as simple as counting the amount of visitors who view the page. Without this cookie, we would find it difficult to analyse how well our website was performing and improve .

Social Sharing cookies to allow you to share content directly on the social networking sites like Twitter or Facebook for example. An example would be if you wanted to "like" or "tweet" about a product or service we provide on our website.

Wirefish will not:

Share any personal information with third parties.